Advanced Off Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization is only really important to help with Off Page optimization. It’s Off Page Optimization that gets Google all hot and bothered about your website. Without inbound links of some kind or another, Google will never really care about your website.
Not long ago all you needed to do was make a few deals with some other websites and trade links to one another. But reciprocal linking is not what it used to be and 2 way links are next to worthless today. The most valuable links are 1 way links from high ranking sites like your own.
With the development of Web 2.0 and other modern Internet technologies such as RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and XML-RCP (Extensible Markup Language-remote procedure call) or Ping Servers the complexity of SEO tactics has increased dramatically. But one thing is for sure,

The Exact Match Query

When a Search query matches a URL exactly that URL hit #1 position
What counts as an exact match is hard to understand
Most SEO professionals discount this method because they don’t understand it!

Web 2.0 Authority Site Links

Web 2.0 Authority Sites rank very well and provide highly valuable links
PageRank 7 and higher Web 2.0 sites are the most valuable links of all
There are many factors involved in the quality of links and we only go after the best

Web 2.0 Link Wheels

Link Wheels provide several benefits normal links can not, Their structure enhances the value of their links greatly.
Different types of Web 2.0 sites have different effects on links. Link Wheels use this to their benefit.
A Link Wheel structure is always open and one way to avoid reciprocal linking

Content Generation

Duplicate Content will not get listed in search results and must be avoided
But writing pages of website content takes a great deal of time
The answer is to write content with spin codes within the text

Some of the Tools used for Advanced SEO are controversial. Blackhat SEO can be risky and improper use of Blackhat SEO tools can cause a website to get banned from the search engines, For these reasons we do not recommend Blackhat SEO for the average website.
However when the competition is fierce and nothing else will work to get a website better ranking in the search engines, we are not afraid to do what ever it takes to succeed. Just like anything powerful, it is only dangerous in the hands of someone that does not know how to use it.

We would never use these tools or tactics without a through discussion of the possible effects with a client.
Here is a short list of the controversial Blackhat SEO Tools we may choose to employee if needed:

  • SENuke X
  • Xgen SEO
  • ScrapeBox
  • ScrapeJet
  • Spinner Chief



CSTC focuses on diagnosing and treating the unique needs of children with communication disorders.  Every tool and technique we use is designed for children.  Our staff are trained specifically to work with children ranging in age from birth to adolescence.


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